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Insulate for the Impending Icy Weather

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While it may not feel like it now, winter is looming just around the corner. It is the time that many of us look forward to as it brings family events, holidays and cheer. It is also the time that many of us fear because of increased utility bills, cold drafts and bone-chilling temperatures. Fortunately, we can help you prevent a great deal of that fear, and let you worry about what is important this winter season!

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure your home is warm and cozy this winter is updating your insulation. At Fischer Lumber, we offer AttiCat Blown-in Insulation. This service will greatly improve your winter experience. There are numerous benefits to the blown-in insulation method.

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Curb Appeal Tips for the Fall Season


‘Tis the season of bonfires, festivals, football games and pumpkin patches. Fall has arrived, along with all of its fun festivities. Chances are you have decked out the interior of your home with all of your favorite fall décor. From pumpkins and gourds to apple pie scented candles, your home is a cozy and inviting as ever. Why not give your exterior a makeover as well? With these curb appeal tips, you will fall in love with the outside of your home all over again:

  • Deck Out Your Front Door. Your front door is the focal point of your home. You want your entrance to be welcoming to your guests and trick-or-treaters. A fresh coat of paint can give your front door a whole new look. Beige, orange, red, brown, there are so many warm, inviting fall colors to choose from. Pair your new paint job with a fall foliage wreath for that extra touch.

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Five Signs That It’s Time for New Windows

1. Opening and Closing is a Chore  Screen Shot 2017 09 26 at 12.56.24 PM

If you find yourself putting on gym gear before opening or closing your windows, it might be time to consider replacement. New windows weigh much less and boast considerably easier opening methods – even automatic in some cases. With new windows, you will not need a crowbar or the strength of seven body builders to open your windows.

2. Driving Drafts

If there is a breeze running through your living room while your windows are “closed,” it may be time for new windows. New windows are double paned and made to keep the elements out without blocking your view of the outdoors. You should have the freedom to choose when to allow the elements in and when to keep them out. It is time to regain control over the internal climate of your home.

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Fischer Lumber Co. Steps Up as a Sponsor of the 2017 Edwardsville Art Fair

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Fischer Lumber Co. has signed on as a sponsor of the 2017 Edwardsville Art Fair. The family-owned lumberyard's sponsorship will be supporting the popular face painting event on Sunday, Sept. 24.

The 2017 Edwardsville Art Fair takes place Fri., Sept. 22 through Sun., Sept. 24 and will be held downtown in the beautiful City Park. Art connoisseurs and amateurs alike can enjoy the featured original artwork of over 100 accomplished artists and indulge in local food and drink.

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Do Something About Your Doors


Interior doors are frequently overlooked when making routine updates to your home. This should not be the case. One of the easiest ways to modernize your home is by updating the doors. Styles have changed drastically over the years, thus an investment in new interior doors can make a major impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Fortunately, we have experts on our team with an eye for interior design. Their keen sense of style will ensure that you get the best door for your space while staying within your personal budget.

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Finishing Your Basement


A finished basement can reap endless benefits to your home and family. It can increase your home’s value, add more functionality and space to your home (without the extra costs of adding on) and not to mention, it can be adapted over the years to fit your family’s evolving needs. However, finishing your basement can be a daunting process and the design process needs to be carried out carefully. The Fischer family is here to offer you some advice for turning your lower level into a space the whole family can enjoy.

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It Is Time to Shed the Clutter... By Building a Tool Shed!


You haven’t been able to park inside your garage since you purchased the car you just paid off. You cringe every time you open the closet in fear of falling debris. You opt to purchase a new shovel instead of trying to reach the one in the corner of the garage. It’s time to invest in your sanity and a shed. While this may seem like a daunting task, we can ensure it is both easy and affordable in a few simple steps.

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Your Fence Needs a Facelift


Your full-grown Labrador can easily walk through the gaps, you fear getting too close to it when you mow the lawn and you wonder how it is still standing after the smallest of thunderstorms. It’s time. Your fence needs a facelift.

Fischer Lumber has everything you need for a safe, sturdy and sightly fence. Our experts can help you determine if your fence is in need of a repair or a full replacement. Here are a few weekend projects that can take your fence from falling apart to best on the block:

Repair the Rot

Any time untreated wood is constantly exposed to the elements or buried in the ground, rot will happen. While inspecting the condition of your fence, you may notice rot that is beyond repair. In that case, the post needs to be completely replaced with a new weather treated post. Fortunately, total replacement is not the only option. If the rot has not fully eaten away at a post, it can be reinforced with T-braces or wood scraps.

The best way to prevent rot is by treating the fence and ensuring it is always sealed and protected from rain and humidity, especially at the base of the fence where it is more susceptible to moisture over time. To prevent further rot, treat your fencing with a water seal or clear coat.

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