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Spring Cleaning? We can help!

Screen Shot 2018 05 30 at 11.51.43 AMAs it does every year, spring cleaning is knocking on our doors. It’s time to declutter and get ready for a yard sale or two. With that in mind, we’ve noticed that garages seem to be the “go-to” place for storage. Everything seems to end up there; lawn and landscape tools, bikes, snow shovels, even old furniture! Don’t stress, the professionals at Fischer Lumber can help you transform your garage into a functional space that works for the entire family.

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Let’s Talk Siding - Vinyl Siding and Fiber Cement

Screen Shot 2018 05 01 at 11.12.16 AMIt’s finally time to update the decade-old siding on your home, but the process can be overwhelming. Purchasing siding is a big deal, so you want to make sure whatever material you select will look good while performing its job for a long period of time. So let us help! We’ll take a look at two popular siding products trending right now: vinyl siding and fiber cement.  

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Listen to your Gut: Go with Granite

Screen Shot 2018 04 25 at 9.07.59 AM

Countertops, from your kitchen to your bathrooms, make a huge statement in your home. While they speak volumes about your taste and style, they can also add or subtract from your home’s overall value. For many, an entire kitchen remodel doesn’t fit into a realistic budget. Therefore, smaller updates, such as new countertops, are becoming more and more common. That being said, the options are endless: quartz, corian, granite, marble, concrete, etc. It’s encouraged that you shop around and find the material that best suits your wants and needs. But if you have a gut-feeling that says, “go with granite,” there’s no need to second-guess yourself; you’re making the best choice!

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Is it time to replace your kitchen cabinets?

Bertch CabinetsIs giving your kitchen a new look a priority this spring? There’s no need to get in over your head with a full kitchen remodel. Consider replacing your cabinets instead as they are one of the longest lasting components in any kitchen. However, there are things that can cause cabinets to wear and tear faster than normal, regardless of their original quality. We’ve outlined a few ways to tell if replacement is the answer.

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Window Styles That Will Fit Your Home

Screen Shot 2018 03 28 at 9.13.34 AMYour home is one-of-a-kind. You have designed it in a way that gives it character unique to your individual style. But there comes a time when your distinct style is missing something. Window styles are key design components in every home. That being said, a large number of homeowners fail to consider this when creating and/or updating their living spaces. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.

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Preparing for Summer? Choose Aluminum for your Deck or Porch Railing

Screen Shot 2018 03 07 at 10.50.53 AMNow that winter is on its way out the door, this is a good time to think about preparing for summer. For some, that means visions of BBQ grills and backyard pools. For others, it means beautiful decks and porches to spend endless summer nights on. If this sounds like you, check out how these unique railing ideas can add some flair to your outdoor sanctuary.

Thinking about railings for a deck or porch may be a non-issue for some homeowners. Instead, they worry about stain colors or board layouts. However, the railings are what bring the entire project and design together. The professionals at Fischer Lumber recommend aluminum railing to enhance your home’s deck or porch and here’s why:

Aluminum is both strong and classy which makes it the most ideal railing material. It is a high-quality product that is versatile, stylish, and comes in a number of custom designs to suit anyone’s taste. The numerous style options available is what makes aluminum so ideal for many homeowners. You can select railings that are traditional or something more modern - whichever peaks your interest. By choosing this aluminum for your railings, you’ll be sure to give your deck or porch the most elegant finish.

Think about having a wood railing. Can you focus on the maintenance it would require? Dealing with rotting, warping, and splitting does not sound like something most homeowners want to worry about. With aluminum railing, all upkeep worries disappear as it is virtually maintenance-free. This long-lasting material can stand up to the harshest weather. Hail, wind, snow or ice? No problem. Not even the best wood products can sustain these hurdles. After just one season, wood can start to show dramatic wear and tear. Oh, and did we mention that aluminum even resists rust and corrosion? It doesn’t get any better than this! Think long-term; put your money into aluminum railing - it will stay beautiful for years.

Convenience is key. No one wants to spend days, even weeks waiting for wood installations, staining, waiting, then staining some more. Once aluminum railings are installed, the work is done. You can spend your summer enjoying the space and not having to worry about anything else. And speaking of installation, it’s a breeze and doesn’t require much time or any special tools. Your finished railings will be quality products that were installed in half as much time as wood.

If you’re ready to commit to aluminum railings, call Fischer Lumber. Not only can we can jumpstart your deck or porch project, but we also sell Superior Aluminum products! Regardless of how elaborate your project is, we have the right materials and the professional expertise you’re looking for. Stop by our warehouse and showroom at 210 N. Shamrock Street in E. Alton today!

Project Checklist: Buying Lumber

Lumber 1

It’s not too early to start thinking ahead to those warmer weather projects. Spring will be here before you know it and if you want to build a deck, patio cover, or retaining wall, you need to know your lumber. Buying the lumber is an important part of your project, but you can’t buy just anything. You need to know the particulars to ensure you’re purchasing the right wood for your project. This project checklist will help you get to know your lumber, before you buy it.

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