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It Is Time to Shed the Clutter... By Building a Tool Shed!


You haven’t been able to park inside your garage since you purchased the car you just paid off. You cringe every time you open the closet in fear of falling debris. You opt to purchase a new shovel instead of trying to reach the one in the corner of the garage. It’s time to invest in your sanity and a shed. While this may seem like a daunting task, we can ensure it is both easy and affordable in a few simple steps.

Figure a Footprint

The location and size of your shed are highly important. Depending on the size and features of the outbuilding, you may be required to apply for a construction permit. Check for your local codes and regulations before beginning. A non-permitted construction project could incur thousands of dollars in fines.

The specific location to construct your shed is also rather important. You must find a happy medium between too close to your house and too far away. Environmental factors like tree roots and slope also must be considered. Keep in mind that your shed will be a permanent part of your yard for decades to come.

Consider a Design

Shed design has greatly improved over the years. The old, unsightly metal or wood cube in the corner of the yard is a thing of the past. The curb appeal of sheds has progressed so far that many sheds are now pleasant backyard focal points. There are many different floor plans and design kits available online. With these tools, you will find a shed that will both serve your storage needs and stand as a gorgeous addition to your backyard landscape.

Carry Out Construction

Once you determine your footprint and design, it is time to plan for construction. The major question at this point is to do it yourself or hire a professional. The answer to this ultimately boils down to the amount of money and effort you want to invest in this project. If you feel confident in your construction abilities and want to save money, building the shed yourself is the best option. If, instead, you prefer to save your own time and energy, a contractor is a wonderful option. Regardless, Fischer Lumber can supply and deliver the supplies needed to ensure your shed can stand the test over time and serve your household well.

A shed will help you discover space you forgot you had in your garage and storage rooms. If done correctly, the shed will also increase your property value. Fischer Lumber carries the products and expertise you need to ensure your shed serves your family for several decades to come. Stop by and see us at 210 N. Shamrock in East Alton!