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Invigorate Your Kitchen with These Stylish Ideas

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In most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the household. It’s essentially where all social gatherings take place. That being said, you want your kitchen to stand out from all the rest. You want yours to be stylish and classy; a space your guests talk about long after they’ve left your home. Creating a unique and functional kitchen design takes work, but we have some ideas to help you achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted.

Backsplashes are a major player right now in trendy kitchens. The options include mosaic stones, ceramic tiles, metal, marble and even wallpaper.  But have you ever thought of considering a glass backsplash? Glass backsplashes are stunning and beautiful; many homeowners are falling in love with them for both modern and contemporary kitchen designs. A glass backsplash is smooth and uniform, there are no bumps in it like there are with tiles. The level surface is extremely practical when it comes to cleaning. Don’t worry about scrubbing grout with harsh cleaners, simply wipe with glass-cleaner for a spotless shine. With that shine comes an elegant gloss that reflects natural light. Glass is clean, refreshing and an elegant way to decorate your kitchen.

Brick floors are an incredible way to make your kitchen one-of-a-kind. This option is one you won’t see very often and is an attention-grabbing feature. Whether you want a rustic look or some retro appeal, brick floors can work in a variety of home styles. With endless pattern arrangements to choose from, you can customize the look to truly capture your vision. The outdoor feel that accompanies this style can create a cozy, unmatched look and style to your kitchen. Plus, brick can last for decades if properly maintained. These floors are extremely durable and resistant to damage, which will save you the cost and hassle of having to replace your floor every few years.

Another way to transform your kitchen space is to get creative with your window selection. Customize the windows to create unique shapes and styles that other homes on the block may not have. Large bay windows will enhance both the inside and outside architecture of your kitchen. Natural light and views from these windows will give your kitchen an entirely different look and feel in ways that artificial lighting never could. Window designs, upgrades and changes can command a large budget, so thoroughly review what you have before jumping into a major renovation. Our team of talented designers can walk you through the window selection process to help you find a fit that is right for your home.

If you would like to explore any of these style options, our designers are ready to help you create the kitchen of your dreams at an affordable price. Call 618-259-7434 or visit us in East Alton today!