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Project Checklist: Buying Lumber

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It’s not too early to start thinking ahead to those warmer weather projects. Spring will be here before you know it and if you want to build a deck, patio cover, or retaining wall, you need to know your lumber. Buying the lumber is an important part of your project, but you can’t buy just anything. You need to know the particulars to ensure you’re purchasing the right wood for your project. This project checklist will help you get to know your lumber, before you buy it.

First of all, size does matter! You may have an idea of the size and magnitude of your project, but you need specific dimensions of what you plan to construct. Don’t rush out and buy lumber without knowing exactly what you’re going to need. The time and money spent doing this will be worth the savings in the end. Before swiping your credit card on a wood purchase, take measurements and estimate (as accurately as possible) the size of what you want to build. Measurements will make your lumber-buying experience much easier as lumber yard staff will be able to size the wood to the closest dimensions needed.

Know where you want to build. This is important because a number of factors can impact your project. You’ll need to consider space, sun, shade, atmosphere, permits and regulations, etc. Many individuals many not think about the overall atmosphere, but it can be a critical planning element. If the area you wish to build is susceptible to moisture and heavy shade, you’ll need to consider certain types of lumber over others. A lumber professional can help you determine what kind of wood is best for certain outdoor conditions. So, make sure you know this information when preparing for your purchase.

Knowing a thing or two about what you’re looking for is always a bonus. No lumber professional will shy away from you for doing your homework. In fact, this will help lumberyard staff collect what’s right for your project. Hop on the Internet and research different types of lumber. There is endless information about what types of lumber work well for certain projects. Don’t be afraid to learn a little; the more you know, the better your purchasing experience will be!

Have a photo or a sketch of your project handy. Something as simple as this, can keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket when you’re ready to buy. A photo or drawing of what you want the end-result to be, will keep you and a lumber professional on track. They’ll be able to physically see what materials you’ll need to make this build a success. By knowing what you want and being able to show it, you’ll likely eliminate wasted lumber purchases, unnecessary time spent on the project, and of course, money spent. 

When you’re ready to make your lumber purchase, call 618-259-7434 or visit Fischer Lumber in East Alton. Our lumber professionals can help with all of your wood-buying needs and even provide the tools to get your project done and looking great!