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John Leckrone: Retirement Spotlight


This blog is in honor of soon to be Fischer Lumber retiree, John Leckrone. We asked him to tell us about his experience at Fischer Lumber and here is what he had to say.

“I started at Fischer Lumber on June 16, 1986 when I was 28 years old. I was hired by Bud Fischer to work at the main service counter. I didn’t know anything about cabinets but took great interest in it and I guess that is how it all started. Once my interest was sparked, I took a few design classes to help me learn the basics of kitchen design.

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Choosing the Right Fencing


The daylight hours growing longer and the thermostat slowly but steadily rising mean that spring is right around the corner. Time to dust off that list of projects around the house that you didn’t finish last year and see what’s your top priority. If putting up a fence around your property tops the list, it’s important to know that there’s more to a fencing project than just picking out a type of wood or other material that is visually appealing.


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Ways to Add Extra Storage Space to your Bathroom


For most of us, our bathroom is easily the smallest room in our home. However, no matter the size of your bathroom, if you don’t have the appropriate storage space, it can become crowded and unorganized. One way to save space and create a more organized bathroom is by adding the right cabinetry. In this blog, we are going to discuss what to keep in mind when shopping for your bathroom cabinetry. 

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Tips for a Successful Home Renovation


With warmer weather just weeks away, now is the time to start planning for those home improvement projects you’ve been thinking about. Large project or small, every renovation task requires time, labor, materials, money and patience. Following a few simple guidelines can turn what seems like a major undertaking into an achievable goal.

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Measuring Tips & Techniques


You’ve decided to remodel your home. Before you start, it’s important to have the correct measurements of the space that you are remodeling. We understand that not everyone is a skilled carpenter and may be looking at the room scratching their head wondering where to begin. Here are some helpful measuring tips for when you begin your next project.

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Fischer Lumber – Choosing the Right Exterior Door


A surefire way to up your home’s curb appeal is by adding a stylish exterior door. Think about it, your front door is the focal point of the exterior of your home. Why wouldn’t you want to have a door that encompasses your style? Many people take notice of your front door at first glance, paying close attention to the style, color, size and much more. With so many styles and colors to choose from, door shopping can be a bit overwhelming. In this blog, we are going to break down some of the common door styles.

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2019 Home Trends

preview full jafar mansuri E nJzuqdw s unsplash

Each year, there are different home design trends that become popular. Some include new trends, while others include old trends making a comeback. Throughout 2019, we have assisted our clients with a variety of home design projects. Now that the year is quickly coming to a close, we are going to look back at some of the most popular home design trends of 2019.

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Trim molding: Styles and Designs

When you walk into a room, what is theMolding min first thing that you notice? For some people, the walls grab their attention as soon as they step into a room. When someone notices the walls in your home, they aren’t just admiring the color. They arenoticing the color of the walls and the accents that pop, like the trim molding. Today, we are going to discuss the basics of trim molding and the variety of types and styles.

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