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February 10, 2022

Planning a Home Renovation? Things to Consider

More than ever before, thoughtful planning before tackling a home renovation is important. Because of anticipated continuation of supply chain issues, shortages of people to do the work and inflation costs, it’s best to take on a home renovation with realistic expectations. Based on a recent U.S. News article, there are certain things to consider that can help make the process a positive (and productive) one.

Plan ahead.

Planning ahead in today’s climate is a key aspect of a successful renovation. It’s recommended that homeowners have everything organized in advance, from permits to other approvals necessary to complete the work. Before the pandemic, contractors could order materials relatively easily as they needed them, but now it’s recommended that having as many of the materials “on-site” as possible prior to construction is best. With supply chain delays and increased costs, it’s ideal to have the appropriate materials, including appliances in a kitchen renovation, before demolition begins.

Be patient.

Renovations still offer added value to your home and being patient is definitely worth it. Expect the timeframe for supplies (and a wait list for your preferred contractor) to be about three to five times longer, based on the U.S. News article here. However, realtors are seeing that turn-key homes are selling quickly and at a higher price tag than those needing more work. In the long run a home renovation is beneficial, especially if you are planning to sell. Another obvious benefit of a renovation is simple: you are creating the home of your dreams and not settling for a subpar living space.

Will this renovation cost more?

Anticipated costs for home improvement projects can be higher due to the supply chain issues and inflation. Materials as well as appliances have increased over the past months, and renovation expenses are reflecting those increases. As mentioned, the good news is, renovated vs. unrenovated homes are more desirable, selling faster and for more money. People are favoring turn-key homes, which means a home renovation can overall be a good investment.

With patience and realistic expectations, there are many reasons to invest in a home renovation. Whether you need new kitchen cabinets or improved decking in your outdoor living space, the reality is more of us are staying at home. Loving a living space is an investment that is not only worthwhile, but extremely rewarding when it’s a renovation based on a vision created by the homeowner. 

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