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About us

Fischer Lumber…More Than Just a Lumber Yard!

Fischer Lumber Company is celebrating 80 years of business, growth and a strong family presence in East Alton. Since the company’s founding in 1941, the full-service lumberyard has more than tripled and expanded business all over the St. Louis metro area.

After C.C. Fischer and G.A. Fischer purchased the Hale Lumber Company in 1941, eight employees worked together for the next fourteen years to build the Fischer Lumber Company. C.C. Fischer then purchased all stock from the George Fischer Family and the company has been in the C.C. Fischer Family ever since.

In 1958, C.C. Fischer’s son Chris Fischer took over the company for 37 years until his retirement in 1995. Following in his footsteps are his three sons, David, James and Edward. Today David Fischer is president of the company, James is secretary and Edward is treasurer. David’s son Robert also works for the family business.

The business has grown throughout the years. In 1972, the company moved the showroom and store to its current space on Shamrock St. The building has a 10,000-square-foot showroom and 10,000-square-foot warehouse attached. In the 1980s, the company bought five acres and built additional buildings for trusses, windows, doors and shingles.

Fischer Lumber Co. is an 80 percent based contractor yard; however, it still serves a large range of customers from building contractors, government agencies, small businesses, hospitals, churches and factories to individual trade. The company strives to cater to all of its customers and their individual lumber needs. It delivers within a 60-mile radius, doing a lot of business on both sides of the river. With pride, the Fischers have watched their business continue to succeed and grow over the past 80 years in East Alton.

Fischer Lumber provides jobs for 44 full-time employees. As a testament to the company’s longstanding success, many employees have been with the Fischers for more than 30 years.