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November 18, 2022

Top 5 Living Space Trends of 2022

2022 Interior Design Trends

2022 was an amazing year for interior design, with unique colors and styles. Interior design trends seem to come and go, but it is important to love how your home looks and feels. Fischer Lumber has gathered the top five 2022 trends that can seamlessly fit into your home.

1. Modern Grandmillenial

They always say what goes around comes back around and that is true for design trends. If you’ve been on the search for a design trend that combines your grandmother’s favorite blanket and rattan chair with something more modern – this trend is for you. Grandmillenial style is often classified by bold prints, frills and ruffles, and embroidery. The colors of this style often include neutrals and pastel pinks and blues.

2. Natural Objects and Colors

The past few years have brought us closer to nature. Now that we are returning to normal, it’s time to bring the outside in. Home design is replicating colors and textures of the outdoors in indoor spaces. Stoneware, earth tones, and organic materials are great elements to add to your home if you want to hop on this trend. 

3. Vintage and Sustainable

Sustainable items can bring a new element to a modern or funky room. Vintage pieces tend to be timeless and bring a rich sense of style. Additionally, sustainable pieces are able to bring a room to life and tell a story. Go to your local secondhand store or search Facebook Marketplace – keep looking and you’re sure to find a few gems!

4. Layered Textures

Something that is sure to make your home feel cozy is layers of textures. Just as people layer their clothes for an effortlessly chic look, you can layer items in your home. Using multiple materials such as natural stone, leather, wood, and metal can all make your home feel cozy.

5. Maximalism

Minimalism has been the trend for years now but move over minimalism – maximalism is in! Some people feel that maximalism is overwhelming, but with proper care and thought, maximalism can be beautiful. Maximalism allows people’s home to reflect their true colors. Maximalism is fun with vibrant colors, bold patterns, and lots of layers. The main goal is to have fun!

It can be difficult to find 2022 trends that fit you and your home, so try different pieces out to see what really works. If you need style input or materials for your home update, Fischer Lumber can help. Get in touch with our team in Alton, Illinois for all your home needs!