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October 10, 2022

How to Prepare Your Deck for Fall Weather

Summer has flown by! Fall is coming and with that, crisp temperatures, fallen leaves, and dreary days are around the corner. Although the weather may change, you still can spend your days outside on your cozy deck – it might just need a few changes. Preparing your deck for fall weather is essential to maintain its sparkling condition.

Not sure where to start to get your deck ready for autumn? Don’t worry, the team at Fischer Lumber has gathered some of the most essential tips and tricks for you!

Clean Your Deck

Before any proper inspections or work is done, you should thoroughly clean it. By cleaning it, your deck will maintain its appearance and longevity throughout the fall and winter months. Additionally, you will uncover the nitty-gritty of what all your project will need.

First, you can clean the area by sweeping down the area to get rid of any leaves, bugs, or other debris from the summer months. After a quick sweep is done, you can either use a pressure washer or mop to rid your deck of nasty stains or mildew. Depending on your deck material, you may be able to utilize a cleaner.

Secure the Deck

After getting rid of the surface grime, you will have a better view of any loose or rotted boards or pavers. You should secure deck boards with new nails and the rotten ones should be replaced. If you have a paved deck, you may need to reset raised or sunken pavers. If any are cracked, you may be able to fill the cracks with caulk or they may need to be replaced.

Stain or Seal the Deck

To ensure your deck remains fresh and is secure for the colder months, you may want to stain or seal the space. A protective coating preserves it during damaging weather such as snow, ice, and other winter conditions. Without a protective coating, your deck is more likely to split, crack, or warp throughout the fall and winter.

Prep Outdoor Furniture and Plants

If you have outdoor furniture, you should prepare the pieces for the colder months. To do this, you can invest in furniture coverings or bring in cushions that could potentially become damaged. If you have a hot tub, fall is a good time to cover and drain it if you no longer intend to use it.

Some plants cannot withstand the grueling weather that the cooler months provide. Plants that are potted and can be indoor plants should be taken inside as the days begin to cool. Other plants will either withstand the winter months, grow back in the spring, or simply die off.

Bring Out Fall Décor!

Now that the hard work is done, you can enjoy your clean, refreshed space. Whip out the fall decorations whether it be some pumpkins, a scarecrow, or a new outdoor-friendly rug. Enjoy your cozy spot during the fall months without worrying whether or not the deck will survive.

If you are interested in giving your deck a facelift or building a new one, Fischer Lumber can help you! We have the building materials and the knowledge to bring it back to life. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities!