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April 1, 2022

Get Ready for Better Outdoor Living

Spring has officially sprung and that means warmer months ahead. After a long, cold winter we are looking forward to spending our time outdoors in the summer sun. 

Whether you have a deck or a sunroom that you enjoy spending your time in, it is time to prepare it for better weather. After being unused for so many months, our outdoor living spaces have gotten drab and may have even endured a little suffering. Your porch may be filthy, and your patio may have faced some wear and tear, so it is time for a facelift. 

Follow these guidelines to transition your outdoor living spaces to something that you can make use of this year!


Decks can be a bit dingy after a long chilly winter, so there are several steps you can take to freshen up the space. If you have a wood deck, the first step is to clean the space off. Using a broom and a power washer can help your deck look as good as new. 

After the deck is clean, inspect to make sure there are no loose boards throughout the area. Loose boards can be hazardous for humans and animals alike, so it is vital to repair these. Head to your local lumber supplier to get the best wood to repair your deck. 

Staining or painting your deck can be the cherry on top of preparing for summer nights. 


Sunrooms can become dusty and dirty throughout the winter months, so it is essential to start the warmer days with cleaning. Start the process with vacuuming and sweeping the debris out of the room. Additionally, you may choose to utilize a wet cloth to wipe down baseboards and window frames. 

Nice, polished windows are the most essential part of a sunroom. You can clean the window screens by taking them off the tracks and spraying them down with water and soap. Additionally, wiping down the glass can make your sunroom look sparkly clean.


Concrete patios can face some wear and tear during the cooler months. The harsh cold weather can cause patios to crack and chip. Additionally, patios can accumulate icky mildew or other stains throughout the winter months.

Simply sweeping and power washing the concrete can help rid your patio of the sad remains of winter. However, if not handled correctly, chips and cracks in concrete could further deteriorate your patio. Therefore, if your current patio is beyond a simple fix, new concrete may need to be poured. Additionally, a sealant could be applied to the concrete to prolong the life of your patio.


Scrubbing down your porch and giving it a fresh coat of paint can turn your porch from winter drab to spunky spring. Sweeping and power washing are great steps to start the cleaning process. 

When dealing with porches, you should also check the floorboards to ensure that there is no decay or rot and that you will be able to enjoy the warmer months safely. 

Complete the look of your outdoor space with a stylish rug and weather-proof furniture. Add the finishing touches to the look by placing in some of your favorite plants, décor, and twinkle lights. These steps will perfect the ambiance and ensure your time spent in these spaces is nothing but idyllic. 

Follow these tips to help you better prepare your outdoor living spaces for usage. If you need assistance with choosing supplies or considering a new layout, we can help. Fischer Lumber has a knack for design and products that you can’t resist. Additionally, we have exceptional customer service to make your life easier. Stop by and chat with us today!