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June 24, 2022

Guide to Creating the Perfect Deck for Grilling 

Everybody knows that an outdoor deck is a great way to get comfortable outdoors. However, a way to turn the heat up on your average deck is to add a grill. If you are looking to upgrade your current deck with a grill or establish a new one, we have got you covered.

Choosing the Location for Your Grill

The first step to creating your outdoor deck oasis is to choose the location. For safety reasons, you should keep your grill a safe distance away from your home. We recommend putting your grill at least three feet away from the side of your home, however ten to twelve feet is a safer bet. If you are opting for a built-in grill, ensure there is enough clearance space and proper ventilation available.

The siding on your home is another variable to consider when positioning your grill on a deck. For example, if you have wood siding, you should move the grill further away from the siding as it is more likely to catch fire. On the other hand, non-flammable siding such as cement blocks allows for more leeway to position your grill closer.

Preparing the Space for a Grill

Regardless of where you choose to put your deck, you will likely need to prepare the ground beneath the area. You will have to ensure the ground is level to create a clean slate. Additionally, you should spray weed and grass killer to reduce the number of unwanted greens growing into your deck. We also recommend you trim back any foliage or trees around the grilling area. Plants can easily catch fire, so you want to ensure your grill space is clear.

Choosing Deck Materials

You can build a deck with several types of materials depending on the look you want to go for. There are decking tiles that come in fun designs and colors that simply snap together. Another option is pressure treated lumber for a more rustic feel.

You may want to add rails to the edges if you choose to build a deck for an added element of safety. You can choose to add an aluminum rail for a sleek look or more lumber for a relaxed feel.

You may also consider covering your grill deck. When the weather is not ideal, grilling outdoors is not always easy. However, with a roof or pergola-style covering, you are protected while grilling. If you choose to cover your deck, you should ensure there is still proper ventilation available since you will be dealing with heat, smoke, and flames.

Protecting Your Deck

Grills can get messy with grease and other liquids dropping. To combat this issue, you can place a grill mat under the grill to protect the deck. A grill mat typically has a strong barrier to trap grease and other liquids, so they do not discolor and ruin the area. Finding a fire-retardant mat will also protect any wood from catching flames.

Elements to Spice Up Your Grill Deck

Add a countertop to your grilling area to make cooking outside easy. An outdoor counter makes preparation much easier and gives you a place to get your grilling together.

Add a table and chairs to finish your grilling experience with a meal outside. Hang string lights, add some plants, and transform the area into an outdoor oasis.

Not sure how to take on this project? Fischer Lumber has the building materials and the design expertise to make sure your grilling deck is burning hot (figuratively, of course).

Get in contact with a Fischer team member today to turn your dream grill deck into a reality.