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May 9, 2022

Prevent Roof Leaks in the Spring 101

How to Prevent Roof Leaks in the Spring

Water penetrates a roofing system and creates mold, rot, and condensation. In the springtime, extra water makes the roof susceptible to all these issues. But what can you do to prevent roof leaks this spring? We have gathered some tips and tricks to help avoid roof leaks and make your spring easier. 

Clear Drains and Gutters

It is essential to clear the drains and gutters when starting your roof inspection. Whether you forgot to clean them last year or the spring showers have clogged them, cleaning this part of your roof is vital. A clogged gutter or drain leads to roof leaks. 

Healthy gutters and culverts allow for proper drainage. To properly clean these facets of your roof, replace any damaged gutters, clear the debris from gutters and drains, and repair any existing leaks. 

Remove Debris

Although it is common knowledge to clear the drains and gutters, many people forget to remove debris from the roof itself. Things like leaves, twigs, and dirt on the top can cause leaky roofs. These materials often hold water, and the constant moisture can cause mold, algae, and standing water. The wetness of these elements can cause permanent damage to the roof. 

Whether you hire an expert or do it yourself, roof debris should be removed carefully and cautiously. It is best to have an additional person stabilize and watch in case of emergency.

Inspect Sealant

Additionally, you should check out the roof's sealant. The sealant on gutters and tar on the top can crack over time. Sealant can simply deteriorate over time, requiring regular inspection and repair.

You can likely find roof sealant at your local home improvement store. Roof sealant covers roof leaks and provides an additional protection layer against water and sunlight. 

Attic Condensation

Springtime brings odd weather – one can expect warm and sunny one day and snowy and cold the next. This dramatic temperature change can often lead to condensation buildup in an attic. Attic condensation turns into moisture and mold. Roofing materials can break down when exposed to water and mold, leading to leaks.

You can fix this issue by adding ventilation in the attic. By increasing attic ventilation, the condensation will be able to evacuate the area properly and reduce unwanted moisture and mold. 

Repair Roof Issues

Broken and missing shingles are common issues homeowners face during the springtime.

Nasty spring storms often displace roof shingles where they can be found strewn across a lawn or two. Even if you have not seen shingles here and there, it is essential to inspect the shingles on the roof, too. Examining the top of the roof is vital because some shingles could break yet stay attached to the top. Water will penetrate both broken and missing shingles, so this is one more thing to add to your roof repair checklist. 

People can often replace individual broken shingles on their own. If the crack is small enough, you can also utilize roofing sealant to cover it. 

Fischer Lumber Roofing Equipment

Taking on a project like a leaking roof can seem intimidating, but the project can be a breeze with the proper materials and guidance. Fischer Lumber has a plethora of necessary roofing materials. We have over 15 colors of shingles and other top-quality roofing products. If you are in a crunch and need your roofing materials delivered, we have got you. Fischer delivers within the area for houses with an 8/12 pitch roof or less.

Whether a contractor or working on a home improvement project, Fischer Lumber can serve your leaky roof repair needs with ease.