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April 21, 2017

A Roof Truss You Can Trust

Roof trusses are a cost effective and dependable way to support a roof of all shapes and sizes. There are many different designs of trusses; all containing a triangular base, but varying in design according to the specific details of a project.

Fischer Lumber specializes in creating custom trusses, using only the best materials so you can always feel safe and be protected from the elements of every season. Since there are endless designs of roofs and ceilings, the creation and design of a roof truss system should be always be done by a qualified professional.  

Whether you are seeking a custom-built roof truss system for a commercial or residential project, bring in your blueprints today and learn about all the benefits roof trusses offer. Our custom trusses are a much more cost and time effective support system than roof rafters and ceiling joists.

Once we determine the perfect design of the roof truss for your specific project, we will construct and deliver the custom truss package right to your job site. Roof trusses are lightweight, easy to install and will cut down on labor and material costs. Depending on the size of the project, an entire roof system can be installed anywhere from 1-3 days with the proper machinery and man power, assuring you will stay within your budget and timetable. 

With today’s homebuilders wanting a more sophisticated roof design and seeking to maximize living space, roof trusses are the best option. A custom-built truss offers the flexibility to build complex rooflines and requires fewer load bearing walls, creating more living space for every family or business.

By choosing Fischer Lumber Company, remodeling, new additions or new construction projects are more efficient, time effective and affordable. Relying on us to build and provide roof trusses for your project can save you up to 25% in construction time and labor costs!

For more information, call 618-259-7434, or visit our store for a consultation about your roofing project and receive a free price estimate for your specific project. Choose Fischer Lumber for your roofing project; we will deliver a truss you can trust.