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February 8, 2017

Choosing A Contractor Versus Doing it Yourself

There is no better feeling than getting your hands dirty and being able to check home improvement projects off your list of things to do. However, sometimes we take on jobs that might be a little over our head. There are several factors that contribute to whether you should hire a contractor, or take on a project using your own craftsmanship.

The first question to ask yourself is whether this is a safe project to work on without professional help. At Fischer Lumber Company, we know how important the element of safety is to a home improvement project. Our staff is always available to provide you with the guidance and safety tips you need to walk away from a project with no injuries and a beautiful finished product. We also have great relationships with local contractors eager to provide the same safe quality service that we take pride in giving our customers.

Next, ask yourself if it’s worth your own time and money to complete a challenging home improvement project. Contractors have the experience to determine exacts costs of supplies and labor, giving even the best handymen the opportunity to take complete control of a project before the first tool is used. Having said that, our company sells products to some extremely skilled and capable workers. We are proud to sell our customers the finest materials at a competitive price that allows personal home improvement projects the chance to be successful. Hiring a contractor is never a bad decision due to their expertise, but if it proves to be more cost and time effective to take on a project using your own supplies and skill, we encourage skilled workers to take matters into your own hands.

The last thing to think about when making this decision is deciding if the project requires professional experience to complete. Projects like installing a new bath tub or putting in new hardwood floors might require professional assistance. A contractor’s ability to be precise and anticipate problems makes them a wise choice in complex home improvement projects. However, there are projects like painting, landscaping, or finishing a basement that are much more manageable to work on using your own skills and planning. It’s very important to take on a project with 100% confidence and determination or you might end up wasting money, taking weeks or months to finish a project, and possibly decreasing the value of your home if a project fails.

Fischer Lumber Company always wants to make sure your home improvements turn out just exactly how you want. If you are having concerns on whether to tackle a home improvement project by yourself or to hire a contractor, call us today at 618-259-7434!