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October 24, 2018

Choosing Laminate Countertops

You’ve decided to enter the world of laminate countertop shopping! Even though marble and granite are “in” right now, they just aren’t your style - and that’s okay. There are plenty of laminate options and designs that will match both your style and your budget perfectly! 

Laminate countertops are made from layers of resin-coated brown paper - squeezed together under high heat and pressure. Each laminate countertop has a decorative layer (the top piece that people see) made of colored paper. It’s covered with a plastic overlay - resulting in hard, durable countertops that are water resistant, easy to clean, and affordable.

At one point in time, laminate was once considered a drab material by designers - but not anymore! Laminate is a remarkable product that has come a long way over the years. A number of cost-conscious homeowners are choosing laminate because of the available and beautiful styles that make it look like a luxury product. 

Matte and glossy are two of the finish options available. Ask for a few samples of each and make sure to give them both a good scratch with a steak knife to see how they’ll hold up to everyday wear and tear. It has been found that matte laminate counters hide scratches much better than glossy laminate. Another important thing to consider is that scratches tend to be a bit more noticeable on dark countertops. If your heart is set on a deep, bold color, try to select a pattern to help hide those unforeseen knicks and marks.

Make sure to test laminate colors in your kitchen beforeyou buy. The selection may appear endless with hundreds of colors and patterns. To avoid getting overwhelmed, ask for a few chip samples of designs you like. Bring them home and place them on your existing countertop for a few days. This will give you some time to see how the samples look in different lighting conditions, how well they match your cabinets, appliances, paint color, etc. You may find that a laminate color you loved in the store, just doesn’t work well with your current kitchen design.

The most important part of choosing your laminate is the measurements. You must measure, check, and double-check your counter measurements. You don’t want to be stuck with laminate pieces that don’t fit where they’re supposed to. To avoid this stress, simply visit a countertop dealer and have them draw up a sketch of your kitchen with rough measurements. It’s recommended that you order from a dealer and have them handle the install - which is further helpful because they will send someone out to take exactmeasurements of your counter space.

When you're ready to get those laminate countertops installed, call Fischer Lumber at 618.259.7434 or stop by and see us in E. Alton. our showroom has a large variety of colors, patterns and edge options to choose from. Our experienced designers will help you select the best laminate product for your home while answering all your questions along the way. For the best selection in laminate counters and unmatched customer service, Fischer Lumber is the answer.