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April 7, 2019

Common Mistakes When Renovating your Bathroom

You did it. You finally decided to renovate your bathroom. You’re a little nervous but this reno is long overdue and you can’t wait to get started. Before you do, check out these bathroom reno oversights - so you don’t find yourself in the middle of a bathroom blunder.

BudgetThis should absolutely be the first step when contemplating any room renovation - determining your budget. You can dream of ideas all day long about how you want your new bathroom to look, feel and flow, but none of that matters if you don’t have the dollars to support the dream. You’ll want to take the time, as long as it may be, to do research and shop around. Explore ideas you like, options you may want to splurge on and upgrades you can live without. Dollars add up quickly with any reno, and you may find that some of your early desires like crown molding or a sliding barn door can be stylishly substituted to stretch your budget further. At the end of the day, setting your budget remains the first priority.

MaterialsWhen you start to shop for renovation materials, remember you’re shopping for a bathroom. Your materials need to be both durable and water resistant to stand up to the elements of this space. Designs you may love might not be the best choice for a bathroom. If you like the idea of a wallpaper accent wall, you’ll likely find it peeling one day. If you are dead set on chrome towel and shower rods, you might eventually notice rust on the surfaces. Love the idea of wood flooring? Real hardwood can end up warping and cracking from moisture. These costly and disappointing problems can be avoided simply by making sure your materials are water resistant and rated for bathroom-use.   

VentilationBathroom ventilation is an absolute must. This simple install will prevent moisture build-up that will eventually cause mold and mildew to grow. Having a window in your bathroom can certainly help, but it’s not the most viable option when compared to venting. It’s easy to forget about something as small as ventilation. Unfortunately, though, missing this piece of the puzzle can lead to costly repairs down the road. Make sure to include either the install or upgrade of a fan to ensure excess moisture takes a hike. 

StorageYou don’t seem to realize just how much “stuff” goes in a bathroom until you’re in the midst of a remodel. From the abundance of toiletries to towel storage and toilet paper - a bathroom can run out of room quickly! You don’t want your space to feel tight and appear cluttered, so get creative with your storage options, going beyond just using the vanity. Browse a number of websites, jot down notes, and save photos of bathrooms that conquer the storage battle. You don’t want to go through the entire renovation and look back and say, “I wish I had more space.” You can fix that problem before it even becomes one!

When you’re prepared to kick off your bathroom reno, come see us at Fischer Lumber. We stock thousands of quality materials, giving you room to explore a number of options that will work with your budget. Our experienced bathroom designers are on stand-by and ready to answer your questions while helping you design the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Visit our showroom in E. Alton at 210 N. Shamrock - you’ll be glad you didn’t go anywhere else!