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July 7, 2019

Custom Roof Trusses: Our Specialty

It was 1952 - the engineered wood truss connected with metal plates was invented and patented by A. Carroll Sanford, founder of Sanford Industries. The invention was a long time coming as many years and many experiments of how to make trusses work effectively had gone by unsuccessfully. Since this successful origination in the 50s, the roof truss has not only gained an incredible amount of popularity, but tremendous necessity in the construction industry. At Fischer Lumber, we engineer many types of roof truss systems, so let’s learn about what all this means.

At Fischer Lumber, accuracy matters when it comes to our custom trusses. Our products are assembled and fabricated with computer-controlled saws. Why? Because this process is much more exact than anything else. Being meticulous about how we manufacture our trusses helps us maintain a high level of accuracy with fewer mistakes and tighter fits. Not to mention, probably the best benefit, is less lumber waste. Since the computer-based system can measure and cut our lumber precisely, it leaves little room for excess lumber, saving you money.

We like to emphasize that trusses are the most dependable and cost-effective way to support a roof - regardless of shape or size.The designs vary based on the specs of your home or project, which is why the creation and design should always be done by a qualified professional. You’re in luck because at Fischer Lumber, we specialize in creating custom trusses, using only the best materials.

Our custom trusses are built on the ground then lifted into place on existing walls with specialized equipment. Even though roof trusses are relatively lightweight, it’s sometimes best to let the equipment do the work to enhance job site safety. Maneuvering the truss may not be so bad, but could you imagine a crew trying to lift one into the air to place on the walls? The probability of an injury would surely increase, and at Fischer Lumber we want to eliminate accidents and injuries any way we can. 

When the roof truss design for your project is complete, Fischer Lumber will construct and deliver them right to the job site. They install with ease, cutting down on labor and material costs. Depending on project size, machinery, and manpower an entire roof system can be installed in 1-3 days.

Choose Fischer Lumber to build and provide roof trusses for your next big project. Our custom-built products offer the flexibility to build complex rooflines and requires fewer load bearing walls, creating more living space for your family. And by working with us, you can save up to 25% in construction time and labor costs! Visit our store in East Alton for a consultation about your roofing project and receive a free price estimate. You can always call us at 618-259-7434. For a roof truss you can trust, choose Fischer Lumber.