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May 7, 2019

Deck or no deck? That is the question.

Warm, sunny days are here to stay for a while and it’s time to get moving on your highly-anticipated outdoor living space. You’ve been looking at magazines and browsing the internet, but you’re still not sure if you want a deck or if a patio would be best. Let us help you decide. 

Make sure you’ve done enough brainstorming and research on your outdoor space. Before you can make the decision between a patio or a deck, the outdoor space must be examined. For example, since a patio is laid directly on the round, it requires a level surface. If your heart is set on a patio, you may find yourself spending more money to level the ground and/or install a retaining wall. This added expense is necessary before any concrete or stonework can begin. The groundwork that lies below your patio will determine its long-term reliability.

Decks, on the other hand, don’t require level ground at all. This type of outdoor living structure is flexible in that it can be built on hills and all degrees of uneven surfaces. Supports for a deck are customizable and cut to fit the required heights for every install. 

As you continue brainstorming the options, you’ll also need to determine what you plan to do with your outdoor living space. If you desire an area that is separate from the rest of the house, you may want to think about a patio because the foundation can be placed distances away from your home.You also should think about things like pools and landscaping. If you’d like your outdoor living / pool area surrounded by flowers, blooming plants, outdoor furniture or fire pits, this is typical for a patio design. 

Now, if you’d rather go with a structure that is technically part of or an extension of your home, then a deck may be the better choice. Access is quick and convenient from your home as you typically just open a door and you’re there! More and more homeowners are seeking that “million-dollar view.” Sound like something you’re searching for as well? Then consider opting for a deck as they can be built up while extending from your existing home. With a deck that is constructed both vertically and horizontally, you’ll be granted an entirely different visual than a patio could offer. 

When dreaming up your ideal outdoor living space, patios can offer abundant features such as built-in fireplaces, BBQ grills making them the perfect socialization space. While decks can provide desired lounge space, bliss, and spot-on relaxation through its ability to present overwhelming views.

At Fischer Lumber, we see and work with hundreds of homeowners who decide to install decking. No matter how elaborate your deck project is, we have the right materials for you. We carry treated and cedar decking materials as well as composite decking, vinyl rails and columns, Superior brand aluminum rails and columns and Missouri Vinyl Products. Visit us in E. Alton at 210 N. Shamrock to see how we can extend your living space through the addition of a deck so you can start living your life outside, too!