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June 13, 2018

Faced With a Deck Dilemma?

It’s summer time; July 4th is less than a week away and pretty soon Labor Day will be knocking at your door. Don’t let warm weather memories pass you by because you face a decking dilemma. To your advantage, Fischer Lumber carries the best in lumber and offers a full line of quality products to help you select the best material for your decking project.

Starting off is tough since you’ll need to decide: “What type of lumber should I use?” Let’s talk about cedar and pressure-treated wood. Remember though, no decking material is perfect so you’ll need to focus on what matters to you before you can make a selection.

Regardless of which material you choose, you can rest assured knowing they are both rot-resistant (to a certain point) and they both install with commonly used tools and hardware. Cost, maintenance, and appearance will have to suit your individual needs; either way though, we can explore the options.

Cedar will be your go-to if you desire that natural wood look. A huge plus to cedar is that it doesn’t easily absorb moisture. When it does get wet, it dries out much faster than other wood materials. This is particularly appealing for decking as cedar wood is less likely to split and warp as comparted to other materials. Natural chemicals exist in the wood that protect it from insects and the threat of rot. Not to mention, it smells great too.

While cedar boasts many good qualities, there are a few disadvantages. The lifespan of a cedar deck can decline rapidly if it’s used for a ground-level or shaded deck, simply because in these locations, the wood is much slower to dry out. Cedar is also softer than other wood materials. So, if you have stairs or outdoor furniture on your deck, wear and tear will certainly show. Cleaning and resealing cedar every year or two is ideal; however, as it ages and tolerates wear and tear, maintaining a rich, new look will be challenging.

Pressure-treated wood could be your answer if longevity is what you’re seeking. This material is strong and can sustain wear and tear better than cedar. It even costs less than cedar, but can often contain an abundance of moisture. And remember, wood that holds moisture will shrink, twist, and even split when it dries.

The nice thing about pressure-treated decking is the options available. You can choose any number of treated products based on the woods grade.  Different grades will result in different pricing, but the bang may be worth your buck especially if you land straighter boards with fewer knots. No one wants to purchase lumber that will warp before it gets put to good use.

When you’re ready to tackle the deck dilemma, choose Fischer Lumber! We carry both cedar and pressure-treated wood materials. No matter how elaborate your deck project is, we have the right materials for you. Call us at 618.259.7434 or stop by our showroom in E. Alton.