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March 7, 2019

Features every home remodel must have

Home remodels, whether to prepare for selling or just to keep up with the latest design trends, should always boast certain features. Every homeowner has their own style and will ensure their living space reflects it. But let’s take a look at a few features that every home remodel must have, regardless of style.

Eat-in kitchens are a high-demand feature, especially for larger families. It’s one thing to have an island with stools, but the eat-in feature is a designated space where the family can gather for meal time. Creating an area that can adequately hold a table and chairs is both practical, inviting, and appealing in any home.

Outdoor living spaces will make or break any home design. Over the years, this feature has become increasingly popular and even required by homeowners alike. Landscaped patios, decks, gazebos, etc. are not just ideal for entertaining but for an enjoyable living experience as well. From the very first sign of spring time, homeowners get to work revamping and even building an outdoor living space from the ground up. If you’re trying to decide between outdoor living or another home remodel feature, trust us, tackle outdoor living.

Low-maintenance siding is a remodel feature that has gained popularity. Nowadays, our time is more precious than ever. It seems like there’s less of it and twice as many things to get done in any given day. By upgrading to quality vinyl or even fiber-cement siding, you will find less of your time is spent scraping, caulking, repainting, etc. and more of it is spent doing what you value the most. You can say goodbye to weekends spent working on your siding, instead, say hello to this must-have feature that will free your mind and your schedule.   

Energy efficiencies are easily number one on the list of features every home remodel needs. Whether it be doors, windows, or insulation - homeowners want and will certainly always want to reduce their utility bills. Smart, green choices are the way to go as long as the updates don’t interfere with the overall level of comfort in the home. If I think back to my home before I made energy efficient upgrades, it was colder in the winter, hotter in the summer and cost a small fortune to heat and cool year around. When the time comes to sell, I know my house has a leg up on others simply because of these desired features.

When these remodel projects come a’ knocking, don’t hesitate to come visit us at Fischer Lumber. Our team can help you with designs, materials and customized options that will stay within your budget. Even if you’re not ready to take the plunge on a remodel project, but just want to browse for ideas and talk to someone knowledgeable, we’re your go-to. Our showroom is at 210 N. Shamrock in E. Alton. Come by anytime or give us a call at (618) 259-7434; we’re here and ready to help!