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August 30, 2017

Finishing Your Basement

A finished basement can reap endless benefits to your home and family. It can increase your home’s value, add more functionality and space to your home (without the extra costs of adding on) and not to mention, it can be adapted over the years to fit your family’s evolving needs. However, finishing your basement can be a daunting process and the design process needs to be carried out carefully. The Fischer family is here to offer you some advice for turning your lower level into a space the whole family can enjoy.

  • Assess your needs. Before diving into your project, carefully think about what you are looking for in your finished basement. What is your home currently lacking? Maybe you need a bigger laundry room, or an extra bedroom for guests or a child. Or, maybe mom or dad needs a quiet office space for work. Finished basements also work great as an entertaining space for the family to lounge and enjoy together. These are the kinds of decisions you need to make to ensure that your basement will serve your family and coexist well with the rest of your house.
  • Lighting is key. Regardless of what room options you choose to go with in your basement, natural light is a necessity. Without it, your basement will feel dark and uninviting. There are multiple design options to choose from that will brighten the place up. You can build an egress. Codes require that any bedrooms in your basement include an egress window; however, you can add these windows throughout your basement to pour natural light in. You can also open up the floor plan to invite more light in. Avoid building too many walls as this can disrupt the flow of light throughout the rooms of the basement. A new modernized way to brighten the place up is through installing a solar tube that leads light into the basement level. Accent these natural lighting options with electric lighting and you will have successfully created a cozy, warm atmosphere.
  • Warm the place up. As mentioned before, lighting is important to warming up your basement, but you can go a step further with furniture, carpet and the walls. When it comes to furnishing your basement, modern pieces can go a long way in giving your space the welcoming, comfortable feel you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to pair simple pieces with some bold accent colors for an extra pop of color and warmth. Installing a quality carpet will also help the room look and feel more inviting, and it also keeps the floor warmer compared to hardwood or tiling. Last but not least, painting the walls a warm tone can make a world of difference. If your budget allows, wood accent walls also can give your place a modern, cozy feel.
  • Maximize the space, but do not clutter it. Before you finished your basement, it most likely served as extra storage space for paperwork, boxes, etc. Now that you are transforming the space, it is a good idea to get rid of the boxes of things you no longer need. However, important items can find a home in your new space by adding built-in shelving or designating an area for storage. If your basement contains a small room or closet, consider that space for storage. Just remember, to keep it organized and clean so that your space remains attractive for family and guests alike.

At Fischer Lumber Co., we offer lumber and building materials for every project including your basement. You will also find a variety of quality cabinetry, counter tops and power tools in our showroom. Stop by and see us to begin transforming your basement into your family’s favorite space in the whole house!