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April 5, 2017

Keep The Spring Elements Out of Your Home

While April means spring is finally here, it also means the arrival of sporadic rain showers and storms. Many homeowners make the mistake of not replacing their old windows in an effort to save money. However by replacing your old worn down windows, you are protecting your home from springtime elements while also instantly adding curb appeal.

Fischer Lumber offers a variety of different styles of windows that can last as long as thirty years. We carry only the best in windows from trusted brands like Marvin, Alliance, Tempco and Weather Barr. We offer a wide selection of beautiful, efficient replacement windows to match every home’s style and every family’s budget. Our customers can choose from sturdy, energy efficient vinyl replacement windows or high-end extruded aluminum clad wood windows. Investing in new windows reap a variety of benefits for your family’s home:

No more leaky windows. Old single pane windows are sure to let the wind and rain that so often occur in April enter your home. By installing a new energy efficient, tight-fitting replacement window, your walls and decor will remain safe and dry during storms. Old worn down windows will allow rain to enter both the inside and outside of your walls, which is one of the main causes of mold and mildew buildup inside homes. If left untreated, this can cause your family to become sick.

Lower your utility bills. With temperatures rising and summer right around the corner, you will no longer have to feel guilty about running your AC. Old drafty windows allows cool air to quickly escape your home, while hot and humid air makes its way throughout your house. By investing in new windows, you can limit your use of air conditioning and still be comfortable at all times during the day.

Keep the noise down. Now that spring is upon us, the noise from loud crackling thunder, the neighborhood kids playing outside, and busy traffic is sure to make its way inside your home. Ensure that you always get a great night’s sleep and have a quiet place to relax during the evenings by installing a new set of noise cancelling windows.

Make cleaning easy. Keep dirt, bugs, leaves, dirty air, smudges, and other debris off your windows with our easy to clean models. Fischer Lumber offers windows that can tilt inward, which make cleaning your windows easier than ever before as you can wash them from the comfort of the inside of your home.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff offers free measuring and estimates for replacement windows. We are sure to have a style of window that meets your desired look, budget, and is sure to be the long-term solution to keeping the elements of spring and every season out of your home. Call us today about replacing your home’s windows at 618-259-7434, or visit our showroom and let us help you find the custom product that is perfect for your project!