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June 7, 2017

Keeping it Cool This Summer

While the temperature may feel perfect now, the dog days of summer are looming just around the corner. Make sure your home is ready to endure the heat or your utility bill will skyrocket faster than the temperature.

Improve Your Insulation
The better your insulation, the more cool air will stay inside where it needs to be. Fischer Lumber proudly offers Atticat blown-in insulation. If your home was built more than two decades ago and still has the original insulation, it is likely that your insulation has settled or decayed over the years. Do not allow your old insulation continue to rob you of your hard-earned money. Make an investment in energy efficiency and added home comfort.

Plant a Tree
A large shade tree in a strategic location can make a world of difference on your curb appeal and curb your energy consumption. While you will not see an immediate effect, you will thank yourself a few years from now. This has a two-fold effect by blocking your home from the sun during the summer and letting the sun through during the colder winter months.

Lighten Up
A dark exterior color can cost you in the summer months. If you are considering a new coat on the outside of your house, you may want to consider a lighter shade over a darker color. If given the choice, you would never choose a dark shirt over a light shirt when spending the day in the summer sun; why do the same to your house?

Open Up
The name of the game in combatting summer heat is air flow. Keep interior doors open as often as possible to ensure air is continuously flowing through your home. When doors are kept closed, individual rooms heat up quickly due to the lack of air flow. This may also finally motivate your children to clean their rooms instead of continuing to hide the mess behind closed doors.

With these tips, a little elbow grease and the help of Fischer Lumber, you will endure another sweltering Illinois summer with added comfortability for yourself, your family and your wallet.