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May 2, 2018

Let’s Talk Siding - Vinyl Siding and Fiber Cement

It’s finally time to update the decade-old siding on your home, but the process can be overwhelming. Purchasing siding is a big deal, so you want to make sure whatever material you select will look good while performing its job for a long period of time. So let us help! We’ll take a look at two popular siding products trending right now: vinyl siding and fiber cement.  

Vinyl siding is made from PVC and is extremely durable and may be considered the most popular siding material for homes. Fiber cement is made from cement, sand, and wood fibers making it just as, if not, more durable than vinyl. It is rapidly becoming just as trendy of a siding option as vinyl.

Vinyl doesn’t require painting or staining like wood products. It’s resistance to water and wind is also a huge plus. However, don’t think that it can’t be damaged - because it can. While durable, it’s still very thin. A hailstorm or rocks tossed by a lawnmower will easily pierce vinyl. Keep heat in mind too. Whether from a fire pit or a nearby BBQ grill, it can warp your vinyl siding. With vinyl, you can plan on a 25-year warranty.

Fiber cement is much thicker than vinyl, more like real wood. The composition of this product makes it much stronger than vinyl and less susceptible to weather-related damage. Like vinyl, fiber cement can always be damaged. All it takes is a forceful impact to cause it to crack and break. Unlike vinyl, this material will not melt or warp when near heat. With this product, you can plan on a 30- to 50-year warranty.

Energy Efficiency:
More and more homeowners are looking at energy-efficient updates to their homes. Whether choosing vinyl or fiber cement, both are pretty equal in the amount of insulation they offer - it’s pretty minimal. However, we should note that vinyl can be purchased with insulation built-in, which gives this material a leg-up over fiber cement.

Fiber cement siding boasts a thickness and weight that vinyl doesn’t have. Each piece features attractive embossing, making this siding look more like real wood. Vinyl, while still very attractive, possesses a smoother surface texture, and looks much less like real wood. Regardless of which selection you make, each option will boost your home’s value in terms of the curb appeal and beauty.

Your time is precious. Maintaining your siding is surely not where you want to spend extended hours. Luckily, both vinyl and fiber cement are fairly low-maintenance materials. Vinyl does have an advantage over fiber cement - it will not deteriorate, crumble, or rot. Cleaning vinyl is simple and can be as easy as washing it down with a garden hose. Fiber cement requires a bit more work as it will demand painting and re-caulking every five or so years to keep from deteriorating.

When it’s time for new siding, come visit us at Fischer Lumber. We offer quality exterior siding and trim products including Vytex Prestige vinyl and James Hardie fiber cement. Don’t let a home project like this overwhelm you. Instead, meet with the experts at Fischer Lumber and browse through our unique selection of styles, colors, textures, and trim. We’ll have your house looking like new in no time!