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April 3, 2019

Make Sure your Home is Ready for Spring

Spring is finally here! We’ve made it through another winter and we’re ready for some warm, sunny days. But with those warm days, you’ll want to get to work - making sure your home is in tip-top shape for the new season.

Roof and Shingles
A good start is to inspect the shingles on your roof. You want to make sure none of them were damaged or blown off during the winter. If you find the shingles are curling, your roof is susceptible to leaking and you’ll want to replace them. While the frigid temps and blustery winter winds can wreak havoc on your shingles, the summer can be just as brutal. With temps climbing into the hundreds in many areas, as well as severe spring thunderstorms, your shingles can quickly end up cracking, buckling, and losing their granules. Many homeowners may not recognize it, but shingles get pretty roughed up from mother nature all year long. If shingle replacement is in your future, you can rely on Fischer Lumber to tackle this project with a large selection of GAF roofing products. Over 15 colors of limited lifetime warranty architectural shingles are in stock, ready for purchase and install. 

Siding or Trim
Like shingles, siding and trim are susceptible to damage from old man winter. If your siding material consists of vinyl or aluminum, beware of bitter winds blowing snow and icy conditions causing these materials to loosen and pull away from your home’s structure. When inspecting your siding and trim in the spring, pay close attention to areas that may be bulging or appear loose. If you think you may have a problem, don’t hesitate to call a professional to inspect, repair or even replace the siding / trim. If your home is constructed of materials such as brick or stucco, take the time to check for crumbling or deteriorated mortar. This too is a cause for concern that will require the help of a professional. Don’t worry if you find that professional services are needed; Fischer Lumber offers quality exterior siding and trim products including Vytec Prestige vinyl, LP Smartside, James Hardie fiber cement and several other brands to choose from.

Decks / Porches / Fences
Your outdoor living space will certainly feel the pains of winter weather. Decks and porches are just as susceptible to damages as shingles and siding. You’ll want to thoroughly check all decks, patio areas, porches, stairs, and railings. Snownal and ice from hard winters can cause significant damage to wood over a period of time. Boards can warp, split, and come loose - the long-term exposure to moisture can cause the wood to grow mildew, rot, and begin deteriorating. Most decks, porches and fences are constructed with treated lumber, which is a bonus because it can withstand the harsh effects of weather pretty well. However, when and if you find that damage has been done and repairs or replacement is in order, you can rest easy because Fischer Lumber carries treated and cedar decking materials, composite decking, vinyl rails and columns, Superior brand aluminum rails and columns and Missouri Vinyl Products. How great is that? 

The experienced staff at Fischer Lumber is prepared to help you. With a customer-service-based team that is ready to answer your questions while helping you select the right products for your spring project, you’ll be glad you didn’t go anywhere else. Visit Fischer Lumber in E. Alton at 210 N. Shamrock.