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January 7, 2020

Measuring Tips & Techniques

You’ve decided to remodel your home. Before you start, it’s important to have the correct measurements of the space that you are remodeling. We understand that not everyone is a skilled carpenter and maybe looking at the room scratching their head wondering where to begin. Here are some helpful measuring tips for when you begin your next project.

Accurate Measuring Tape:

Before you start the job, make sure you have an accurate measuring tape. While this may be a no brainer, it is important that you verify your measuring tape is accurate. Over time, lines can become warn and the hooks can warp. To ensure that your measuring tape is accurate, measure a straight line with two different measuring tapes. Both measuring tapes should give you the same measurement. If one is off, one of your measuring tapes could be inaccurate.

Check Your Edges:

Getting your lumber with factory-finished edges is great, less work for you! It is important to check that the edges are perfectly squared before you get to work. If you find that the edges are a bit off, use a speed square and shave off the excess area.

Keep a Pencil Handy:

Don’t make the mistake of starting your project without a pencil. Using a pencil to mark different measurements eliminates guesswork later. The pencil comes in handy for jotting down measurements on paper or making direct marks to the wall.

Create a Story Pole:

Use your tape measure as a story pole. A story pole is perfect for recording different measurements for the same project. You can mark the length of your current project’s measurements directly onto the tape measure. This is perfect for checking sizing while you are in the middle of the project or out shopping for materials. Once you are done with the project, you can remove the marks with acetone leaving your measuring tape ready for the next job!

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