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September 7, 2018

Ready, Set, Replace!

It still feels like summer; you’ve had a few months of great backyard BBQs, laying in the hammock, sprucing up your landscaping and enjoying the sunshine. But cooler temps are on their way and so is cold, blustery weather. You’ve spent probably the past 5 months preparing your home for summer, but what about winter? It’s not too soon to start examining areas that may need some work; like your windows for example.

Window replacement is a big job that can be pricy which is why many homeowners either hold off on it or just simply don’t do it. The good news is window replacement is an “any season” project so you can plan it whenever your schedule and budget makes the most sense. Whether July and August or January and February are ideal for you, you can do that! Keep in mind though, that the quality of your installation could suffer if the technician is uncomfortable. The job may end up rushed, resulting in a lesser than quality install. Caulking too, may not set well in extreme conditions and moisture can also be a problem. Thankfully, there are good companies with the know-how to work through any weather condition.

Speaking of good companies, you should note that window replacement is not a DIY project. This is one of those undertakings a professional contractor should really handle. They install windows day in and day out and have an impressive knowledge-base from years of experience. For you to take hours or even days to master this task, a professional could have been in, out, and checked you off the list. If you’re spending the money to tackle a window replacement job, it’s worth a few more bucks to have it done right.

Many homeowners tend to forget that replacing windows can turn into a dirty job. Make sure you put down drop cloths to cover your floors and furniture. There may even be furniture you’ll want to move out of that space completely, if feasible. All curtains, blinds and window treatments will typically need to be taken down prior to any work being done. Items hanging on the walls near the window should also be taken down to prevent any accidental knock-downs or breaks.

So, do you think you’re ready to replace? Are you seeking a reputable company for this task? Then call Fischer Lumber. We offer a variety of different window styles that can last as long as thirty years. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will provide you with free measurements and estimates for replacement windows. We carry only the best in windows from trusted brands like Marvin, Alliance, Tempco and Weather Barr. The selection available in our E. Alton showroom are sure meet your desired look and budget. From sturdy, energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows or high-end extruded aluminum clad wood windows, we’ll help you find the custom product that is perfect for your project! Call us today (618) 259-7434.