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February 13, 2019

Remodel Projects that are Perfectly Suited for the Season

It’s the dead of winter; you’re tired and you’re bored. How about taking on a winter remodeling project? This is a really good idea and here’s why: during the winter months, material and contractor availability are at their peak. Having work done this season will certainly save you time, money, and frustration. Here are a few remodel projects that are perfectly suited for the season:

Interior Doors - You may not realize it, but the doors in your home are probably used the most; always opened and always closed. If you look closely, there are probably scratches, scuffs and even cracks in them - not to mention the style could be outdated. Replacing interior doors is a winter project that will do wonders for the overall appearance of your home. And if changing out every door is not what you’re prepared for, install new hardware instead. Updating hinges and doorknobs with more modern designs such as brushed nickel or bronze will transform the look of your doors completely. 

Storm Doors - If you’re passionate about upping your home’s energy efficiency this winter, you can easily have a storm door installed. Larson storm doors help seal your home, keeping out drafts and creating optimum insulation. Not to mention, cost-savings on your energy bill too. Each storm door is constructed with secure frames, hinges and hardware that are resilient and durable. This simple winter remodel will give you a beautiful and environmentally-friendly home accent.

Backsplash - Liven up your kitchen by adding a backsplash. This is a great project for a cold winter weekend. A backsplash project is great because once it’s complete, you’ll be surprised at how it completelychanges the look and feel of your kitchen. There are hundreds of different options, styles, and sizes to choose from including subway tile, natural stone, even metal. As long as you know your budget and have an idea of what you like, we can help you customize a backsplash to fit your personality while also emphasizing your existing countertops, cabinets and appliances!

Windows - Even though we’re into February, you can still update your windows. Most homeowners tackle this winter remodel to achieve the energy-efficiency they’re lacking. Old or single-paned windows really need to be changed out. Chances are you’re running your furnace over-time and not feeling any of the benefits. Double or triple-paned windows are the new norm. They do wonders for energy costs and help minimize the escape of the warm air. Not ready for this project since it’s still blustery out? No problem, you can at least start shopping, so you can tackle this once old man winter heads out.

If you’re ready to start a winter remodel project, call Fischer Lumber first. Our knowledgeable staff will talk through the project idea with you, answer your questions and help you select materials that are fit for your task. We stock everything you may need from lumber and windows to cabinetry and doors. Just name the style you’re looking to achieve, and we’ll help you accomplish your dream remodel without blowing your budget. Visit us at 210 N. Shamrock in E. Alton today.