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March 22, 2017

It's Time to Replace Your Old Front Door

The front door of a home has so much more value than simply being an entry way to what’s inside. Having a reliable front door is essential to the value of a home, making it crucial for homeowners to inspect their front door that’s suffering from old age.

Front doors, especially those made of wood can easily become rundown and ineffective if not well maintained. Front doors are subjected to dents, scratches, harsh weather, and cracks along the door’s edges and panels. While in some cases it might make sense to simply repair a damaged front door, home residents should truly consider replacing their worn, old door in its entirety for a modern, updated front door.

If put off for too long, having an untrustworthy front door can have a serious negative impact on a home. Cold or hot temps, moisture, or even an intruder can make their way into a front door that’s in dire need of replacing. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home due to the outdoor elements entering through the cracks of your door. A new front door will also make your home much more energy efficient by keeping in the heat in the winter months and the cool in the summer months, saving you significant amounts of money on your family’s energy bill. Why wait to replace your front door when a new door will instantly maximize your home’s security, energy efficiency, comfortability, and ease of operation.

A new front door can change the entire look of a home, instantly increasing its curb appeal and value. Fischer Lumber Company offers doors of all shapes and sizes, materials, and colors that will last decades if given the proper care and maintenance.

Fischer Lumber’s showroom is filled with choices in several wood species including steel, wood-grain fiberglass and smooth fiberglass. Fiberglass options provide our customers with the look of a beautiful wooden door, but offer more durability and weather resistance. Our steel options can keep your family feeling secure at all times and is a very cost effective option. These doors are proven to withstand all of the normal wear and tear, while providing the look to impress anyone visiting your home. We are confident we have a door that’s just right for you and your budget.

If you have any questions regarding your old front door, or want to learn about upgrading today, give us a call at 618-259-7434 or stop in our showrrom. Our knowledgeable staff knows the value of having a strong and durable front door, and is here to help you with every step of your door selection and installation process.