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June 6, 2018

Replacing your Roof - Are You Due?

You’ve been putting a lot of time, energy and money into fixing up your house. Maybe you’ve put in new flooring, fixtures, appliances, countertops, etc. Now you’re looking a larger update - your roof. As a homeowner, you surely wonder from time to time if you’re due for a new roof, especially if your current one is 20+ years old. A roof, just like everything else in your home, will suffer from wear and tear. Since your home is one of, if not THE largest investment to your name, you need to be aware of everything. Thankfully, when it comes to your roof, you can look for signs of damage without having to call in a pricy contractor. Here’s how:

Start by checking the interior of your home first, and by interior, we mean climbing into the attic. You’ll need a good flashlight too, something high quality, not one that only costs a few dollars. It will help you see these details that are sure signs of roof problems.

If you see light shining into the attic from outside, that’s a red flag. Any light, even the smallest amount shining through, means air and moisture are coming into your house. This is a concern that needs to be addressed quickly and signifies a new roof is in your very near future.

When you’re scoping out the attic, pay close attention to any areas that may be sagging. If any part of your roof is sagging, this means there are structural issues that need attention. Problems with the structure could be the result of beams giving way from pressure or moisture damage.

Keep a close eye out for leaks or obvious water damage. The only way water is getting into your attic is through an opening, exposing the interior to the weather. You may not be able to see the opening, but if there’s water or signs of water, it’s there and it’s time to patch things up; quickly.

Now it’s time to climb onto your roof and take an up close and personal look. Some damage will appear quite obvious, such as shingles that are split, cracked, broken or warped. Wind and hail damage are most common to blame for major wear and tear such as this.

After years of standing up to the elements, the shingles will begin to lose their granules – which look like really tiny pieces of gravel. If you notice bald spots where granules are missing or an excessive amount of them in your gutters, you know what to do, put a new roof on!

So, are you due for a new roof? If the answer is yes, check out Fischer Lumber in E. Alton. We offer a large selection of GAF roofing products and we have over 15 colors of limited lifetime warranty architectural shingles IN STOCK. Our top-quality products and knowledgeable staff can’t be beat; let us show you what we’ve got! Call us at (618) 259-7434 if you have any questions about the products we offer or have any special-order requests.