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March 19, 2020

Siding Trends of 2020

Yearning for a new look to your home’s exterior? If the elements have taken a toll on your home’s appearance over the years or you just want to freshen up its look, Fischer Lumber can help you find the siding that will do the job/

Here are some of the siding trends that homeowners are selecting for their homes in 2020:

Green is good

Homeowners are looking to go green in 2020 — in more ways than one! First, wearing green isn’t just for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s this year’s most popular color for home exteriors. Greens in all shades are the look many consumers are going for. But they also want to be environmentally conscious when making home improvements, and that can mean finding siding options that are eco-friendly. Consumers are placing more importance on energy efficiency as materials that are recyclable, and locally sourced.

Darker colors

In past years, residents wanted to lighten up the look of their homes, but this year is all about going dark. Darker saturations of popular colors, deep greys, and even black are the exterior trends this year. While some are opting for light and dark contrasts in their siding and accents, others are going all in with dark on dark, including blends of two or three colors and black accents.

Mix and match

Rather than being locked in to one style, homeowners in 2020 want variety. Mixing styles like board and batten with stone or clapboard with slate can create a unique and appealing look for your home. Smooth siding with narrow or wider gaps or blends of shades with texture and width are on brand this year as well as vertical siding options.

Long term looks

Homeowners in the market for siding this year are looking for durability in addition to appearance. Wood siding remains a popular option with many consumers. Others are choosing siding with the warm look of wood but with enhanced sustainability for years of performance and less need for regular maintenance. Some are even opting for siding materials like steel or fiber cement.

No matter what siding you’re looking for to enhance the visual appeal of your home, Fischer Lumber can help you or your contractor locate the best materials. Give us a call today at 618-259-7434 or visit us at 210 N. Shamrock St. in East Alton.