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March 8, 2017

Preparing to Spring Clean Your Garage

The garage is always guilty of being the first room in the house to store unwanted items that simply don’t belong anywhere else. Spring is quickly approaching and garages are still suffering from piles of Christmas décor, toys and sports equipment, dad’s tools, and other items that have been scattered all over the garage floor. Your garage doesn’t have to be an eyesore compared to the rest of your house anymore, let us help transform your garage into an organized, efficient, and accessible room the entire family can enjoy:

Declutter. It’s tempting to begin spring-cleaning your garage and avoid the tedious task of getting rid of the items that the kids have outgrown or have collected dust over the years. Don’t make that mistake this spring, instead take out everything in the garage and decide whether to keep, sell, donate, or toss items that will clutter your garage. While the floor is free from clutter, clean it to get rid of any mud or dust that may have built up over the course of the winter. Now it’s time to coordinate which items in the garage should be placed together, in storage, or need easy accessibility. Once you’ve accomplished this step, let us help design and provide the best quality storage equipment that’s sure to give your garage a new modern look.

Store items effectively. Some items in the garage don’t need to be as easily accessible as others; therefore, garage cabinets are the perfect way to store snow shoveling equipment, basketballs, and other equipment that isn’t used everyday. These new cabinets are the perfect way to organize your items, and they also provide garages with some much-needed color! We have a huge selection of cabinets that are sure to maximize your garage space. Our design team is always available to consult with you to determine what style of cabinetry is best for your garage. Our high-quality cabinets contain tidy features such as adjustable racks to make room for bulkier items and pull out drawers for easy access.

Use every inch of wall space. The best way to open up garage space for two vehicles or the deep freezer you’ve never had room for is using our selection of durable lumber to create a shelving system. Garage shelving is perfect for the items that need to be visible and easily accessible. Shelves provide a handy way to store all of the tools and gardening equipment that will frequently be used this spring. By installing new shelves and cabinets, your garage will now have an abundance of floor space and will appear bigger than ever before. Take advantage of this open floor space by routinely cleaning, adding new features, or even giving it a coat of fresh paint to create the ultimate man cave that all your friends will envy.

Our experienced staff is ready to help you prepare your garage for spring and will guide you through every step of the redesign process. Call us today at 618-259-7434 to set up a design consultation, or simply visit us at our showroom to view our cabinets, lumber and building materials!