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May 30, 2018

Spring Cleaning? We can help!

As it does every year, spring cleaning is knocking on our doors. It’s time to declutter and get ready for a yard sale or two. With that in mind, we’ve noticed that garages seem to be the “go-to” place for storage. Everything seems to end up there; lawn and landscape tools, bikes, snow shovels, even old furniture! Don’t stress, the professionals at Fischer Lumber can help you transform your garage into a functional space that works for the entire family.

Don’t be afraid to utilize open wall space. Instead of stacking things on top of each other along the perimeter of your garage; build shelves. This is a great option for storing tools, car washing items, weed or insect repellants, etc. By going “up” with your storage, your garage will not just appear larger - you’ll have so much more space on the ground-level. Now, parking a car or two in this space will be easy-peasy, and luckily, we have an enormous selection of lumber and building materials that will make this project a simple one.

Consider building a storage shed if you have an abundance of items. Some families have things they just can’t part with, and that’s okay. This is where an additional space from a shed will come in handy. You may find that a shed can hold all of your outdoor holiday décor or all of the kids’ outdoor toys and games. For many, the garage is meant for cars, automotive essentials, lawn care equipment, and tools. An added structure is sure to help you declutter your garage space and our experienced staff will help you along the way.  

How about installing cabinetry? If you have items that need to be in the garage but don’t necessarily need to be as accessible as other things - cabinets may be the way to go. They’re ideal for storing cans of spray paint, power tools, etc. A plus to cabinets is that they will give your garage some color and added dimension. Also, since they close, your garage may look a bit more kept by concealing items behind a door. The Fischer Lumber design team is made up of experts that will help you determine what style of cabinetry is best for your garage. And the high-quality cabinetry that we carry contains tidy features, such as adjustable racks to make room for bulkier items and pull out drawers for easy access.

Don’t start your spring clearing before you visit us in E. Alton. The Fischer Lumber staff is always ready to help you prep for spring by decluttering your garage. They will work with you and guide you through the design process. Visit our showroom to check out our cabinets, lumber and building materials, or call us at 618.259.7434 to set up a design consultation.