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July 3, 2018

Storm Doors We Love

So, you’ve been taking on some smaller home projects here and there. Updating drawer pulls on cabinets, outlet covers, maybe a light fixture or two. But, have you thought about updating your home’s entryway? A stylish storm door can help with this because the entryway serves two purposes: it welcomes people into your home and provides a lasting first impression. You’ll be surprised to learn the many benefits and full potential a storm door can provide - they are good for more than just protecting your home against the weather.

First off, there are endless brands to choose from, but our personal favorite is Larson. Why are Larson storm doors our favorite? Because they provide an overabundance of functions you surely never thought of in a storm door.

Larson storm doors will do wonders with increasing your curb appeal. The available styles and colors will undoubtedly match any home and any architectural design. Some Larson designs even boast a full glass feature letting copious amounts of natural light into your home.

If you’re passionate about upping your home’s energy efficiency, installing a Larson Security storm door will help. This particular door is designed to seal your home, keeping out drafts and creating optimum insulation. Not to mention, cost-savings on your energy bill too. You’ll have the benefit of both a beautiful and environmentally-friendly home accent.

For many of us, fresh air is an absolute must! Thankfully, Larson storm doors have a ScreenAway™ design for improved ventilation. This particular door showcases a retractable screen and a balanced window system, which allows the door to convert from a storm door to a screen door. Now it’s super easy to let the fresh air in!

When you make any purchase or home update, you want a product that’s going to last. Well with Larson, that’s what you’ll get. Each storm door is constructed with secure frames, hinges and hardware that are resilient and durable. A Larson storm door is built to complete the look of your home while protecting it over the course of years.

Regardless of your needs, the ideal storm door is out there. There are great benefits that accompany a Larson storm door and Fischer Lumber has a large selection of Larson doors displayed in our E. Alton showroom. Our staff is happy to help you select the best option to meet your needs. Whether those needs are boosting curb appeal, energy-efficiency, increasing natural light or weather protection - finding the right storm door doesn’t have to be difficult. We know how important it is to find the right look for your home; give us a call at (618) 259-7434.