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May 24, 2017

Summer Check Lists For Your Home

Summer is just around the corner, which means the storms, smoldering heat and humidity the season encompasses will be here before we know it. Is your home ready to beat the heat? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the warm weather and to prepare your home to run efficiently this summer season:

• Replace your air conditioner filter. Replacing your air conditioner’s filter every one to three months allows your air conditioner to run more efficiently and to produce clean air. If your family is victims of allergies, maintaining a clean air filter will help reduce your family’s symptoms.

• Patch your driveway and sidewalks. During the summertime, your home’s driveway and sidewalks are utilized more than they are all year long. Ensure that they are up to par by repairing any cracks with concrete repair caulk or asphalt crack sealer. You also may want to pressure wash your driveway and sidewalks to give them a new life this summer season.

• Tidy up your garage. During the colder months, garages and sheds often become cluttered and unruly. Whether it be gardening tools or sporting equipment, ensure that every outdoors item has a place for storage, so that you can find it with ease this summer. If your family has outgrown your current storage options, consider installing cabinetry or shelving in your garage to make use of every square inch.

• Check your deck. Do not let a loose board or a raised nail or screw squash your summer fun. Take the time to inspect your deck’s safety. After your deck has passed your thorough safety inspection, you should clean it to rid it of any buildup and debris from the cold months. Lastly, clean and arrange your deck’s furniture to create your own outdoor paradise.

• Clean your grill. ‘Tis the season for backyard barbeques! Prepare for cookouts with family and friends by deep cleaning your grill and its utensils. Scrub the grill’s grates with liquid grill cleaner, and properly clean the burners and covers. If your grill runs on gas, ensure that your propane tank is filled.

• Check your home’s insulation. Did you know that properly insulating your home could lower your annual cooling bill by up to 15 percent? If your home is not properly insulated, the cool air will easily escape it causing your air conditioner to continuously run. At Fischer Lumber Co., we offer AttiCat Blown-in Insulation, which not only keeps your home cooler this summer, but also keeps your attic’s humidity to minimum. This is extremely important in the hot, humid months of summer, as it highly decreases the chances of mold growing throughout your home.

Following this simple summer checklist will keep your home running smoothly and efficiently all season long! For the tools or appliances to tackle these simple DIY projects, visit our showroom. Our friendly staff will help you find everything you need to ensure that your home is ready for some summer fun! If you have any questions, call us today at 618-259-7434!