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September 25, 2018

Tackle that Fall Fencing Project with Cedar

October is just days away and pretty soon the leaves will change. All summer long you told yourself: “I’ll tackle that fence in the fall.” Well, fall is upon us and so is that fencing project. You may not think so, but this project will be a breeze - assuming you choose the right wood for this task and you will with our help.

There is certainly no shortage when it comes to wood fencing materials. Just a few options include bamboo, spruce and pine - all easily manufactured for fence construction. But, if you’re ready to install a wood fence that is both cost-effective and classy; western red cedar is it. And as a bonus, locally owned and operated Fischer Lumber, chooses to carry it.

Durability: Western red cedar is an extremely durable wood material for your fence. It will outlast most other woods because it has natural oils others simply don’t. These oils provide an advantage in fighting rot, warping, decay as well as insect infestations. Other woods gain their strength from chemical treatments; only cedar boasts natural strength. It also tolerates shrinking when used for fence construction; meaning the cedar will stay robust and straight in the long-term.

Beauty: Cedar is and will always be beautiful with its color and rich grain. It’s hard to beat when it comes to natural beauty; other wood materials just don’t come close. The natural oils that help with cedar’s durability also boost its appearance. We’ve often heard individuals say that a cedar fencing ages much better than other woods like pine.

Eco-Friendly: If going green is important to you, cedar is definitely the way to go. Did you know that cedar eliminates greenhouse gases from the atmosphere? Not to mention it is also renewable and biodegradable! The unique grain and texture found in cedar allows it to age gracefully - a bonus for green homeowners because they don’t have to use chemicals to strengthen this naturally tough wood.

Adaptable: Western red cedar is among the best woods to accept enhancement. It is one of the finest woods to accept and maintain finishes including dark stains, semi-transparent colors and light bleaches. Not only is it adaptable to augmentation, but it’s also adaptable in terms of style. Cedar can be used for, and often is used for board on board fencing, privacy, picket, estate and paddock fencing. 

Call Fischer Lumber if you’re ready to get that fence project moving forward. We supply cedar fencing materials that will offer you a great deal of satisfaction. Our expert staff can help you select a cedar fence design that will meet your needs, style, and budget. Call us today at (618) 259-7434 or visit our E. Alton showroom to shop only the best in quality cedar!