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September 26, 2017

Five Signs That it's Time For New Windows

1. Opening and Closing is a Chore  

If you find yourself putting on gym gear before opening or closing your windows, it might be time to consider replacement. New windows weigh much less and boast considerably easier opening methods – even automatic in some cases. With new windows, you will not need a crowbar or the strength of seven body builders to open your windows.

2. Driving Drafts

If there is a breeze running through your living room while your windows are “closed,” it may be time for new windows. New windows are double paned and made to keep the elements out without blocking your view of the outdoors. You should have the freedom to choose when to allow the elements in and when to keep them out. It is time to regain control over the internal climate of your home.

3. Chips, Cracks and Crevices

Stop living with window panes that are chipped or cracked. Not only does this make your home look deplorable, it also causes safety concerns. This could attract burglars who see an easy way to enter your home. Furthermore, a telltale sign that your windows may need replacement is if there are large cracks and crevices developing in the frame or the sealant around the frame. This also downgrades your curb appeal and level of home safety.

4. Skyrocketing Bills

Because of increased technology and improved manufacturing methods, new windows are much better suited to handle whatever elements Mother Nature throws their way. If you are tired of paying excessive utility bills due to your old windows, it’s time for an upgrade. You will now have the option of determining how much, if any, of the outdoor elements enter your home. Plus, you will not have to worry about paying to service or replace your over run furnace, as your home will be much easier to heat with proper windows. Replacing your old, outdated windows with new, efficient products will give your wallet and furnace a break. 

5. Questionable Curb Appeal

You can do as much landscaping and painting as you want, but your windows may still detract from your curb appeal. A new set of windows will make your home look considerably newer and better. Stop allowing your aging windows to age the entire look of your home. Your neighbors will quickly notice the improvement. Not to mention, your property value will also increase.

Whether you match one or all five of the signs, Fischer Lumber has the solutions for you. Our team will listen to your needs and match you with the windows that are right for you and your home. Quit suffering with your old windows and stop by for a chat with one of our window experts today!