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January 3, 2017

Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Maintenance is one of the countless responsibilities of owning your own home. With that being said, some breaks and leaks cannot be fixed with simply a hammer and a nail. Here is a list of the basic tools that every homeowner should have stocked in their tool shed:

  • Cordless Power Drill
    A cordless power drill is the ultimate luxury making even the largest of home projects easier and more efficient.  A power drill will most likely be one of your most utilized tools, and this is why you should invest in a good-quality, high power cordless drill for the most convenience. It is also essential to invest in a high-quality drill bit set for your power drill, which will allow you to finish interior and exterior projects with ease.
  • Screwdriver Set
    Every homeowner needs a set of durable screwdrivers for those simple, routine DIY projects that all homes require. Different projects call for different types of screws and screwdrivers. Some of the most common types of screwdrivers that should be stocked in every toolbox are the Slotted, Phillips, Square Drive, Hex Drive and Torx.
  • Measuring Tape
    Whether you are installing an appliance such a new dishwasher or upgrading your bedroom furniture, a tape measurer is an invaluable tool. A bigger, durable tape measurer works great for projects at home, but you may want to invest in a smaller, pocket-sized measurer that you can easily bring along on shopping trips. 
  • Level
    A level is a must-have for a variety of home projects such as installing bathroom cabinetry to simply hanging a picture frame in your living room. A basic analog model level is both affordable and accurate, taking away the stress and time of making sure an object is leveled.
  • Hammer
    A hammer is the most basic of handyman tools; however, a high-quality hammer can be a lifetime investment for your home’s maintenance and upkeep. When buying a hammer, choose one that has a comfortable, easy grip, which will prevent injuries. Also, look for a hammer with a smooth head to avoid any potential surface damage or nail slippage.

At Fischer Lumber Co., we offer a variety of power tools, hand tools and hardware for every home maintenance project. A few of our tools and hardware choices include BOSCH, Stanley Bostitch Tools, Paslode, Ramset, Stablia levels and Stanley Hardware. Our tools and hardware co-op, Do-it-Best Corp., is the world’s largest hardware store online, with over 70,000 items in stock. You may order your tools and hardware directly through the site and receive your order via UPS, or ship it for FREE to our East Alton store for pick-up. If you have any questions about hardware and tools for your home, please call us at 618-259-7434!