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November 7, 2019

Trim molding: Styles and Designs

When you walk into a room, what is the first thing that you notice? For some people, the walls grab their attention as soon as they step into a room. When someone notices the walls in your home, they aren’t just admiring the color. They arenoticing the color of the walls and the accents that pop, like the trim molding. Today, we are going to discuss the basics of trim molding and the variety of types and styles.

The purpose:

There are various types of trim moldings and they are used in different areas around a room. Trim molding is commonly used as a baseboard, chair railing, crown molding and around doors and windows. Adding molding to any of these areas will essentially create a visually pleasing space and sharpen the look.

Baseboard trim molding:

Baseboard trim molding protects the edges of a room from becoming damaged. When placed at the bottom of a room, baseboards create a seal and prevent dirt from getting under the wall. There are a variety of types of baseboard molding. Some of the more common types include stepped baseboard (which is the most common), flat baseboard molding, sculpted mid-height baseboard trim and sculpted taller molding. Each type lends a different style and purpose to a room.

Chair railing:

Made quite obvious from the name, originally chair railing was used to protect the wall from chair dings. Today, this type of molding is commonly used for design purposes. There are many different designs for chair railing. Adding this feature to your home is sure to add a nice design element.

Crown molding:

While crown molding is one of the more aesthetically pleasing types of trim molding, it is also perfect for hiding unattractive spots in plasterwork of drywall. Some of the common types of crown molding are plaster, solid wood, medium-density fiberboard, polyurethane, PVC, flex and polystyrene. Each type has benefits and different disadvantages.

Window trim:

Also, an extremely aesthetically pleasing use for trim molding, door and window trim does a great job hiding unattractive spots and edges around doors and windows. Styles for window trim include colonial, craftsman, ranch and provincial. Each of these styles have a variety of designs. Choosing the right window trim ultimately depends on the overall design and feel you are going for.

Whether you are looking to replace your existing trim molding or plan to add trim molding to your home, we can help. With over 75 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise needed to make your next project seamless. Call us today at 618-259-7434.