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August 7, 2019

Why you should go with aluminum deck or porch railings

We had quite a busy summer and as we look back at our porch and deck projects from the season, most of our customers chose aluminum railingsinstead of other alternatives. Since we are an advocate for aluminum railings, we love that our customers chose it. Aluminum boasts great qualities that other railing materials simply cannot match. So, let’s talk about why you should go with aluminum railings when a porch or deck project is on your list of to-dos.

Aluminum railings will add value to your property that wood and vinyl cannot equal. The reason? Because it’s all about the appearance. When buyers are searching for a new home, looks matter and the aesthetics of aluminum railings offer style, grace, and elegance. Whatever your character flair is, you can match it with aluminum because it comes in a variety of designs, colors and patterns. For a seamless, appealing home design element that will “wow” passers-by and potential buyers, pick out some classy aluminum rails. You’ll be glad you did when you see the resale list price of your home.

If your time is as precious to you as we think it may be, you’ll want railings that are high resistance and low maintenance. These days, most aluminum railings are finished with a powder coating. If you choose steel railings, for example, plan to repaint them every few years. With a powder coated aluminum rail system, you can expect zero maintenance other than the occasional cleaning. Also, since aluminum does not contain iron, it is less susceptible to excessive corrosion and rust. Aluminum is one of the most weather-resistant materials - rain, snow, and UV rays are no match for it. 

Not only will you get a superior product with aluminum, it will also cost less than wrought iron or steel. Budgets are important when it comes to home updates, projects, etc. It’s not often you can get an A+ product at an A+ price, but you can with aluminum. This affordable material will require a one-time investment up front when you make the initial purchase. You don’t have to shell out cash down the road to maintain or repair it.

It's no surprise that aluminum railing systems are rapidly gaining popularity. The options propose gorgeous designs and appealing colors that will fashion a truly stunning appearance for your home. When the opportunity presents itself to select a railing material, stop by and see us at Fischer Lumber in East Alton. We carry Superior brand aluminum rails and columns that will certainly improve the overall appearance of your property. Our experienced staff will help you find the perfect design element for your railing system while keeping you right on budget.