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March 28, 2018

Window Styles That Will Fit Your Home

Your home is one-of-a-kind. You have designed it in a way that gives it character unique to your individual style. But there comes a time when your distinct style is missing something. Window styles are key design components in every home. That being said, a large number of homeowners fail to consider this when creating and/or updating their living spaces. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.

First things first; what are your needs? Is your goal to put in windows that allow large amounts of natural light to flood your home? Or are you more interested in windows that add aesthetic value and visual appeal? You can customize almost any window to suit your taste, knowing what you really want will establish a smooth start to this process.

Learn about the different window styles. This will help you determine the design you want reflected in your home. Determine if you’d like to install a new construction window or a replacement window. The difference? Changing the structure and window size entirely means you’ll need a new construction window. If you plan to keep the structure and window size the same, you can select a replacement window that will fit your design wishes.

How about the material you’d like your window to consist of? There are a number of different options to choose from - each having its advantages and disadvantages.

Wood windows have been around the longest and are still extremely popular; mostly because of its versatility. In the event that an aged wood window gets drafty, it’s an easy fix; just add some weather stripping and your problem is solved!

Vinyl windows are a great option to consider as it requires very little maintenance. Homes with older windows are frequently replaced with vinyl. If you go with a double-glazed vinyl material, you will have no problems with heat and sound insulation. Another great thing about vinyl is that it comes in different finishes, which will surely help make this type of material fit it with your overall design.

Aluminum can be a good choice in rooms where you’d like to achieve large amounts of natural light because aluminum is known for its profound strength. A thin aluminum frame can support a large piece of glass. The more glass you’d like to have, the better option aluminum may be. Plus, aluminum is durable and extremely low maintenance. While aluminum is an excellent selection, it can direct heat out of your home and is prone to developing condensation. If you’re set on aluminum, but this a concern, you can always double-glaze the windows to reduce heat loss.

At Fischer Lumber, our knowledgeable window staff offers free measuring and estimates for replacement windows as well as estimating for new construction window packages. Our team knows how to install replacement windows and can give you first-hand knowledge of installation techniques and design considerations. Come see us in E. Alton and let us help you find the product that is best suited for your project.