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June 7, 2019

Wondering about Windows?

Whether you’re in the midst of building a new home or renovating your current one, the “window” topic will be brought up at some point. This is part of your project that will require quite a bit of research and shopping as there are numerous window brands and companies to choose from. 

To start, what do you hope to accomplish with your new or replacement windows? Are you hoping to capture the perfect view? Are you wanting to bring the outdoors inside your home? Maybe you’re focusing on energy efficiency by doing business with a “green” company. The good news is there are window products that can accomplish all of this and more!

Marvin WindowsThese windows are known for being exceptionally built. All Marvin windows are custom products made-to-order, one at a time to the specifications you require. With Marvin, you’re not getting a standard window identical to a thousand others that has been sitting in a warehouse.Marvin provides options for customizing your windows with exclusive features you won’t find anywhere else.

Many homeowners are concerned with two things: style and energy efficiency. Luckily, you won’t ever have to sacrifice either with Marvin. Why? Because Marvin is the market leader in energy efficient windows and has over 150,000 options to choose from! All windows are constructed with the highest quality materials to help control your long-term energy costs - in any climate.

The beauty of a brand like Marvin is that they are always looking forindustry-leading developments for their products. Some window companies believe that high-quality materials should be a purchased upgrade, while Marvin believes it should be an industry standard. When you select Marvin windows, you’ll receive products that boast beauty and quality that will last for years.

Alliance Window SystemsIf going green and doing business with a green organization is important to you, Alliance Window Systems is a good option.Known as “efficiency experts”, these quality products incorporate environmentally-friendly materials. The technology of their InnovativEglass has a double advantage. 1). For you, your windows will seal nice and snug, ensuring less energy is used for heating and cooling. 2). For the environment, less energy means less harm to the planet.

Warranties are becoming a must-have when homeowners are shopping for windows. 

All Alliance products are covered by the industry’s best warranty - Alliance AssurancePlus Lifetime Warranty. Not all window companies offer coverage with this kind of warranty, but Alliance does. It’s considered the best warranty in the business for many reasons, including: 

  • Transferrable to a second owner; up to 20-years
  • Covers the cost of labor for 5-years and materials for a lifetime

When you start wondering about windows, call us at Fischer Lumber. We carry only the best in windows from trusted brands like Marvin and Alliance. Our inventory consists of sturdy, energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows and high-end extruded aluminum clad wood windows. With our variety of products, you are sure to find a window that fits your home’s style and budget. Visit us at 210 N. Shamrock or call us at 618.259.7434. The Fischer Lumber team is looking forward to working with you!