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July 26, 2017

Your Fence Needs a Facelift

Your full-grown Labrador can easily walk through the gaps, you fear getting too close to it when you mow the lawn and you wonder how it is still standing after the smallest of thunderstorms. It’s time. Your fence needs a facelift.

Fischer Lumber has everything you need for a safe, sturdy and sightly fence. Our experts can help you determine if your fence is in need of a repair or a full replacement. Here are a few weekend projects that can take your fence from falling apart to best on the block:

Repair the Rot
Any time untreated wood is constantly exposed to the elements or buried in the ground, rot will happen. While inspecting the condition of your fence, you may notice rot that is beyond repair. In that case, the post needs to be completely replaced with a new weather treated post. Fortunately, total replacement is not the only option. If the rot has not fully eaten away at a post, it can be reinforced with T-braces or wood scraps.

The best way to prevent rot is by treating the fence and ensuring it is always sealed and protected from rain and humidity, especially at the base of the fence where it is more susceptible to moisture over time. To prevent further rot, treat your fencing with a water seal or clear coat.

Secure the Slats
Take a walk around your fence and ensure that all the nails and screws are properly secured. If they are loose, fix them immediately to prevent the slats from falling off completely. If you encounter missing or broken slats, replace them with treated lumber. This will help keep animals, children, pests and potential intruders on their respective sides of the fence and out of your backyard.

Straighten Sagging Gates
Repair that sagging gate to ensure it properly closes and helps keep your property secure. There are a few different options to repair a sagging gate depending on the severity of the problem. Often the fix is as easy as repairing a bent hinge and installing a new stronger hinge. If the problem goes deeper than that, the bottom hinges may need to be removed, shimmed, and reinstalled on top of the shims. If the sagging is severe, eye bolts and a crosswire may be necessary. No worries, Fischer Lumber has all the hardware you will need to straighten your gate.

Give it a New Coat
Whether it’s the arctic Alton winters, the disastrous flooding or the blazing summer sun, your fence has endured a lot and it is likely starting to show. One of the easiest ways to update and beautify your fence is adding a fresh coat of paint or stain. There are many pros and cons as well as strong opinions regarding paint or stain for a fence. The decision ultimately comes down to your individual preferences and needs.

After weighing the benefits of paint or stain, plan your project properly. We can help you determine the proper amount of paint or stain so you do not find yourself making extra trips for additional supplies.

Fixing your fence may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of a few friends or family members and the staff at Fischer Lumber, the project will be finished in a flash. Soon you will be back to enjoying your outdoor oasis with added safety, security and curb appeal. Stop by our showroom today! We are located at 210 N. Shamrock in East Alton.